Jul. 4

8:00am Breakfast : Onion Ume and Nori soup rice, 2 cups of coffee, green peas sweets
12:00pm Lunch : Hambuger, french fries, agua com gas
7:30pm Dinner : Steak, rice, potato



Jul. 3

9:00am Breakfast : Grilled fish, miso soup, okra and ume, rice
2:00pm Lunch : Tofu Tamanegi Don(cooked tofu and onion on rice in the bowl), miso soup
7:30pm Dinner : Grilled zucchini, pork with garlic, fish with cheese, 2 cans of beer, 2 glasses of red wine
9:30pm green peas sweets




I had big breakfast this morning. I wanted to have something good to give me energy for today and to finish some food in the fridge. I am going to move to a new apartment next Monday. I pack everything on Saturday and Sunday. This is such a good experience to do this by myself in a foreign cocuntry. I am proud myself. I couldn't take care of even myself in my home country. I know this is not all myself. I appreciate J's support. Thanks, J.


Jul. 1

6:00am Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, Chicken soup, a cup of grean tea
12:00pm Lunch : Bento Box ; soy bean and koya-doufu dried curry
8:15pm Dinner : Chiken soup

Bento Box

Chiken soup