Jan. 31 in Japan

I went to a liquor shop to buy a bottle of shochu for J. I looked for a bottle of red wine for dinner, tomato soup tonight. And then I found one of my favorite shochu. I got it and I enjoyed it for dinner with simple meals. Tomato soup? I don't think it goes well with shochu. I will have it for tomorrow breakfast.

Breakfast : miso-soup, nimono, boiled cabbages

Lunch : ramen

Shochu :

Dinner : tofu, pickled veggies, breaded fried beef


Jan. 30 in Japan

Breakfast : miso-soup

Lunch : udon, rice

Dinner : breaded fried oyster, nimono, soup, rice


Jan. 29 in Japan

I went to Ko-chan's kitchen for dinner with my cousin and her husband. The chef, Ko-chan who is my uncle, made us special meal. It was so good. I ate and drank more than I should have had. I will go on a diet ... when I come back to Brazil.

Breakfast : Nabe soup (leftovers)

Lunch : rice and sio-kobu ... It was too cheap to take a picture.

Dinner at Ko-chan's kitchen : tsukidashi (potato salad, an-kimo, squid)

: gyu-shabu salad ... the beef was too good for salad

: sashimi ; squid and beef ... how beautiful! The beef tasted like fatty tuna. melting in my mouth!
: special hamburger. It is not on the menu. cheese and cream sauce on the hamburger. yummy.

: pork and vegetable stirfries

: cream croquette ... this is my favorite
: techan (hormon)

: ramen ... it is not also on the menu. Thank you, uncle Ko-chan.


Jan. 28 in Japan

Breakfast : egg toast

Lunch : okara, rice, pickled daikon radish, rice

Dinner : Nabe

Jan. 26 - 27 in Japan

I went to kobe for dinner with girls on 26th. It is always fun to spend time with them. We went to Horumon restaurant where I wanted to go and had some coctails at a bar after dinner. Girls talk rocks!
I felt sich next morning and I skipped breakfast and lunch. Is it hung over? I haven't had it before... ok, yes. I am not houng anymore.

Jan. 26
Breakfast : miso-soup, apple & yogurt

Lunch : kiriboshi-daikon, dashi(local food in Yamagata pref.) on rice

Dinner at Marukiya : namuru
: horumon sashimi
: chokori?
: horumon

: tonsoku(porks legs) ... I know it sounds creepy, but it has lots og collagen. Believe me.

Jan. 27
Breakfast & Lunch : none

Dinner : okara, hakusai, kimo, miso-soup, rice


Jan. 25 in Japan

It was such a simple day. All I did was eating, taking a nap, reading and watching TV. It was a perfect day for me!

Breakfast : miso-soup

Lunch : sushi ... my dad seemed hungry for sushi. lucky me.

cheese cake at tea time

Dinner : breaded fried hamburger, salad, rice


Jan. 22 - 24 in Amami, Japan

I went to Amami Oshima, Kagoshima with my mom and sister. My sister has been there before and it was her idea to travel there. We did canoeing and walked in the forest. My sis has a friend who moved there and we had dinner together. She has lived in the island for 5 years and I understand why she decided to leave her hometown and move to this island. I would like to live somewhere beautiful like Amami.
BTW I haven't visited jungle since I moved to Brazil. Brazil is known as amazon jungle. I am not sure if I really wanna go there though.

Kinsakubaru forest

canoeing in the mangrove forest

cape ayamaru

Jan. 22
Breakfast at home : scrambled ham & egg, vegetable stirfris, miso-soup, rice, strawbelly

Lunch at airport : udon, konoha-donburi

Dinner at restaurant : mozuku, cooked pork, champru(veggies stirfry), conch?

: keihan (chicken rice soup, which is a local menu)

Jan. 23
Breakfast at hotel : various foods, rice, soup

Lunch at restaurant : tonkatsu- teisyoku (cooked pork, miso-soup, rice)

Dinner at restaurant : cooked daikon?

: sashimi octpus and bonito

: goya champru

Jan. 24
Breakfast at restaurant : various food, rice, soup, salad

Lunch at airport : onigiri(rice ball), bread
Dinner at home : kinpira-gobou, sira-ae, nimono ... HOME SWEET HOME


Jan. 21 in Japan

I was lazy all day. What I did was to eat, watch TV and take a nap. oink, oink.

Breakfast : apple & yogurt, strawbelly, miso-soup

Lunch : fish, spinach, picked veggies, rice

Dinner : breaded fried beef, salad


Jan. 20 in Japan

My mom's friend invited me for lunch. She made nabe (hot-pot dish cooked on the table). It was good and I ate a lot. As she had a treadmill at home, I walked on it after the party. I don't think it helped much...
Anyway, it was great to spend time with people and I appreciate her to have it for me. Thank you.

Breakfast : fruit & yogurt, egg soup ... yes, it's simple. Because I ate too much last night.

Lunch : the ingredients for hot pot ; oyster, chicken, conger, sawara fish, scallops
; crabs
; veggies
; ready to eat!

: taiyaki as dessert. It has sweet beans in it.

Dinner : udon, salad ... I was not gonna eat because of big lunch. But I got hungry. oink, oink.