Feb. 27

I just said that I didn't have carbs in the morning yesterday. See what I had for breakfast this morning! I was hungry and made ramen. I shouldn't have eaten that much. I had heartburn after breakfast. I went to a park and did power walk for an hour, but I don't think it is enough to burn ramen calories. To have less carbs for lunch, I add little cubed tofu to fried rice. It was like "Kill two birds with one stone"? Less carbs and more vegetable protein.

Breakfast : ramen, 2 cups of coffee

Lunch : fried rice

Dinner : chicken rice, cream spring roll, green beans, tomato - for cream spring roll, I used gratin from last week. It was easy and good.


Feb. 26

J got nice bread yesterday and we had some for breakfast. I don't have carbs in the morning usually. Oh well, just once in a week. I did pilates and aerobics before lunch. Did the exercise burn what I ate?

Breakfast : bread, scrambled egg, tomato, a glass of soy milk, a cup of coffee

Lunch : banana, plum

Dinner at Apriori : salad, beef & risotto


I came to this restaurant for my friend's birthday before. We needed to have a table for about 10 people inside that time, but also the restaurant has a pretty court yard at the back side. It has nice atmosphere and it seemed more popular than inside for a couple or small group. Food was good and the price was not bad. They didn't bring convert which was nice. If I had known it, I might have ordered bruschetta or something else. We ordered salad, pasta, meat, dessert, 2 glasses of white wine and a bottle of red wine. Total was about R$220.

Insalata Apriori (R$22?)

Cannelloni di Melanzane Ripieni di Ricotta e Mozzarella, Al Pomodoro (R$36?)

"Picanha" di Agnello al Timo, e Risotto de Formaggio Fontal (R$52) - I liked the beef and J was in love with the risotto.

Tiramisu - It is very rare for me to have dessert. It was good.

Av. Portugal 694


Feb. 25

I got a request for dinner from J. He said he wanted to have garlic to keep mosquioes away tomorrow. Where is he going?? I used 3 cloves of garlic to cook. Not only mosquitoes, but also people will keep a distance from you, J.

Breakfast : one boiled egg, plum, one glass of soy milk, 2 cups of coffee
Lunch : mashed potatoes(leftovers), banana, orange

Dinner : sweet sour veggeis & fish with garlic, spicy carrot, cabbage salad, pickled cucumber with garlic, rice - each plate had garlic or chilli. they went good for beer!


Feb. 24

Breakfast : miso-soup, plum, 2 cups of coffee

Lunch : fried rice

Dinner for me : salad, mashed potatoes - I added garlic to boil potatoes and it was good!

Dinner for J : grilled chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, salad - I don't usually take a picture of J's plate, but it looked nice today and took one. ; )


Feb. 21 - 23

Feb. 21
Breakfast : orange, one boiled egg, 2 cups of coffee

Lunch : soy beans meat sauce pasta

Dinner : pumpkin, grean beans, kale frakes, miso-soup, rice, (salmon for J)

Feb. 22
Breakfast : miso-soup, orange, 2 cups of cofee

Lunch at lanchonete with friends : beef stew, feijao, salad, rice
Dinner for J : sea bream, carrot, tomato sald, tofu soup, rice, kale frakes - my lunch was so big that I was not hungry.

Feb. 23
Breakfast : tofu soup, orange, 2 cups of coffee

Lunch at Korean resutaurant with friends : grilled meat, some begetables, soup
Dinner for J : grilled sea bream, daikon salad, scrambled tofu, miso-soup, rice, - I ate a lot for lunch and I was not hungry for dinner tonight too. I had a little bit salad.


Feb. 20

When I woke up this morning, a clock by the bed said 6am. It was early to get up on Sunday, but I went to bed before 10pm last night and I slept enough. I got up and turned my computer on. It surprised me that it said 5am. Yes, summer time is over. Daytime gets shorter day by day? But I know this hot weather will lasts for another few months.

Breakfast : fried rice

Lunch : chicken pita sandwich

Dinner : green beans with sardine, carrot & cucumber sticks, tomato salad, bread, (grilled fish for J)


Feb. 19

It was the first weekend since I came back. J is in charge of making breakfast on Saturday, but I cooked for him today. We were going to have something good for dinner, but we didn't feel like going to far. So we picked the pub close to where we live.

Breakfast : papaya, peanuts butter toast, 2 cups of coffee, (ramen for J)

Lunch : kale, phamtom chicken, carrot rice

Dinner at bendito : caipiroska com marakuja
: lula (squid)
: BBQ?, rice, farofa


Macaroni gratin

My mom used to make macaroni gratin when I was a little girl and it was one of my favorites. I don't know why I didn't make it even once before. It was easier than I expected. I had macaroni this time, but it would be great to have potato instead of pasta.

Ingredients : serve 2 - 3
1 small onion : slice
1/3 middle carrot : slice
any vegetables you like : slice
1 tbs butter
2 tbs flour
500cc milk
1 chicken bouillon cube
olive oil
shreded cheese

1. Pre-heat an oven 180C
1. Stir-fry vegetables with butter
2. Add flour and stir
3. Add milk and bouillon. Stir and cook until it gets thick
4. Spread olive oil lightly on ovenware
5. Pour 3 into the ovenware and put cheese on it
6. Put 5 in the oven and grilled it untill cheese gets melt

Feb. 18

The apartment building lost electric power for a few hours this afternoon. It happens sometimes and I was not surprised. I was going to use the staircase to go out, but it did't have windows. I decided to stay at home untill the power came back and I got a good excuse to take a nap.

Breakfast : papaya, fried egg, 2 cups of coffee

Lunch : ramen

Dinner : macaroni gratin, salad ... I made macaroni gratin at first time. It was good and easy. I post the recipe to remember.


Feb. 17

I took a bus to go to an organic market. It was rush hour. It seemed that I was the only asian on the bus and it recognized that I was back. I saw a guy who had a really nice butt. How did he get it??? Ok, I need more exercise to get such a nice bum.

Breakfast : ojiya(rice miso-soup with egg), papaya, 2 cups of coffee

Lunch : cheese bagel, carrot

Dinner : lettuce wraps, potate pan cake, green beans .... J's mom made me lettuce wrapes while I stayed her place and it was good. She used water chestnuts but I didn't find it. I used walnuts instead. Potato pan cake...I should have added some flour and it would stick together. It tasted good though.

Feb. 16

It is the second day since I got home. I try HARD to lose some weight that I gained in Japan. J's mother bought me a cardio DVD. I will do exercise everyday and be careful what I eat.

Breakfast : one boiled egg, atemoya(sugar apple), 2 cups of coffee
Lunch : chirashizushi(leftovers)

Dinner : kiriboshi-daikon, cucumber with bonito frakes, pumpkin miso-soup, rice .... and a piece of grilled salmon for J. I bought a special foil to grille fish on the pan. It worked good. Fish doesn't stick on the pan without oil. That's healthy.


Feb. 15

I am back in Sao Paulo. No more fresh fish, no more shochu (distilled liquor). But "home sweet home". I am happy to be back. When I got to the apartment, I found tropical fruits and a card from J. Yes, it was Valentine's day. (J had gone to work). Thank you. I was too tired to make a special dinner for V-day. Let's do something special this weekend!

Breakfast : blueberry bagel, scrambled egg, salad
Lunch : chirasuzushi (leftovers of last night)

Dinner : grilled fish with tomato sauce, pumpkin, salad, one piece of toast


Jan 8 and the last day in Japan

I will leave Japan tomorrow. I invited my cousin and my mom's friend for lunch. My mom made what I wanted for the last dinner. Thank you for taking care and feeding me for 2 months. I can't wait to come back Japan next time!

Breakfast : grilled fish, daikon-oroshi, miso-soup

Lunch : pork with parsley, cabbage & tomato stir fry, carrot rice, tomato soup

: cake

Dinner : grilled yellow tail, kikuna & wakame, scallops & shimeji mashrooms, sekihan(beans and rice)

Final breakfast in Japan : sekihan, osumashi(soup), pickled veggies


Feb. 7 in Japan

Breakfast : miso-soup, daikon-oroshi, gomoku-mame Lunch : Champon noodle

Dinner : croqqute, breaded fried hamburger and califlower
: salad


Feb. 6 in Japan

I made "thank you" dinner for my parents. I stayed at my parents' place for 2 months and will leave this week. I bought u-maki (ell in the omlet) which is my dad's favorite and made jeon (korean pancake) for my mom.

Breakfast : kasu-jiru (sake soup), natto, pickled vegetables, rice

Lunch : kasu-jiru, tororo-natto gohan, salad
sweets : donut, milk tea
Dinner :
: blowfish sasimi!