Jun. 30

5:50pm Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, Gomoku Mame, rice, a cups of coffee
12:00pm Lunch : Bento Box ; Buta no Syogayaki Don(grilled pork with ginger on rice)
9:00pm Dinner : Hamburger, Beer and Onion, pao de queijo, beer at bar


Bento Box


Jun. 29

5:45pm Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, Okura gohan, Gomoku Mame, 2 cups of coffee
3:00pm Lunch : Bento Box ; Grilled fish, Gomoku Mame, Okura Gohan
10:00pm Dinner : Chicken soup


Bento Box


It was a long day. I had lunch at 3 pm and dinner at 10pm. Should I stay up late? I have heard that I shouldn't eat 3 hours before going to bed. I don't think I can keep myself awake that late. I woke up 5am this morning.


Jun. 28

5:40am Breakfast : Chicken sanwich, 2 cups of coffee
12:15pm Lunch : Bento Box ; Chiken Fried Rice, Gomoku Mame, Cooked sausage and beeef tail(someone brought)
7:45pm-9:00pm 3 can of beer(dinner?)

Bento Box

My lunch should have been healthy, but it was greasy and got a high calorie because of meat. As a proof, I was not hungry when I got home. So I decide to have beer for dinner. It is just an excuse. I decided not to drink at home, but I was too exhausted today and needed something(alcohole?) to make me relax.
Let me make sure something. I bought only 3 cans of beer. Because I didn't want to get drunk and didn't want to keep some for tomorrow or the other days. I hope tomorrow will be an easy day. And I want team Japan to win tomorrow!


Jun. 27

7:40am Breakfast : pao de queijo, a cup of coffee
1:30pm Lunch : Chicken sandwich, 2 cups of coffee
4:30pm a glass of red wine
5:30pm Dinner : Chicken soup, Gomoku Mame(cooked soy beans and vegetables)
7:00pm 2 cups of caramel tea


I made chicken broth from chicken bone, which was from a grilled chicken I had yesterday. Usually, J is in charge of this soup, but I don't have him now. I made it different from J's. My soup is more like an Asian style. I added ginger, garlic chive and wakame(seeweed). I think it was as good as J's soup.


Jun. 26

8:00am Breakfast : a cup of soy milk, 2 buns(whole wheat, black olive), scrambled egg, a glass of orange juice
11:40am Lunch : Grilled chicken, bread
6:30pm Dinner : Tomato and Onion Curry with rice



I was going to eat out for lunch, but I bought a whole grilled chicken and brought it back home. Because I wanted to watch a soccer game on TV. I didn't care about soccer at all before moving to Brazil. But now, I enjoy the game to watch.


Jun . 25

6:00am 2 cups of coffee
9:00am Breakfast : cafe com leite(cafe au leit), coxinha
12:00pm Lunch : Bib'sfiha de Carne x 3
4:30pm Bib'sfiha x 2(is it dinner?)
7:30pm 2 glasses of caipiroska at Outback steak house (Happy hour rocks!)
9:30pm a half bottle of red wine, cheese, pao de queijo

Breakfast at office


We had a game of Brazil at lunch time break. Our president ordered food to Habib's, which is Arabic fast food. The game was not great, but it was fun to watch the soccer game with people.


Jun. 24

5:40am Breakfast : Buta no Syogayaki Don(grilled pork and ginger on rince in the bowl), 2 cups of coffee
12:00pm Lunch : Buta no Syogayaki, Onion, rice and umeboshi(pickled plum)
7:00pm Dinner : Japanese food at Issa, beer, shochu


Bento Box

I wantead to take pictures of dinner, but I couldn't because it was a kind of business dinner. The restaurant had really good Japanese cuisine in foregn coutry. Actually, the chef was a Japanese, I guess.


Jun. 23

5:45am Breakfast : Teriyaki fish Don(fish on rice in the bowl), 2 cups of coffee
9:00am crackers
12:00pm Lunch : Bento Box ; Teriyaki fish, Wakame to Ninjin no Ume-ae(boiled seaweeds and carrot), Bean rice, orange
8:30pm Dinner : Bean rice, Fukushin-zuke(pickled vegetable)
8:45pm a cup of tea

Bento Box

I got Fukushin-zuke at work and it was really good with rice! I think I can eat a lot of rice with it. Fukushin-zuke is a kind of pickles and it is marinated with soy sauce, I guess.
I have tried to have less carbs. But now I am not sure if I can keep trying with the fukushin-zuke.


Jun. 22

5:45am Breakfast : Tomato pork and pasta fusilli, 2 cups of coffee

12:00pm Lunch : Bento Box ; Tomato pork and pasta fusilli, orange
20:20pm Dinner : Spicy Miso-soup
21:15pm a glass of coke


Yesterday, I made soup for 3 nights. I had some last night and left enough for tonight and tomorrow night. I finished the soup........ and I am stuffed of course. Should I skip tomorrow dinner?


Jun. 21

5:25am Breakfast : Fried rice, 2 cups of coffee
12:15pm Lunch : Bento Box ; Tomato pork with rice
8:45pm Dinner : Spicy Miso-soup


Bento Box

I could make Bento box and breakfast quicker than I expected this morning. That's why I had breakfast early. But I had dinner late. I stopped a grocery store and tried a but which drives on a different rout. Eventually, the bus didn't show up and I took the bus I always take.


Jun. 20

7:00am Breakfast : cereal with soy milk, 2 cups of coffee
3:00pm Lunch : Yakisoba, beer
5:40pm Dinner : Yakisoba(leftovers), coke


I was going to watch a World Cup game on TV with my friends, but I couldn't finish working. When I got home, the game was just over. It happens. Anyway Brazil won and booked their place in the final 16 teams. I will see how Team America and Japan will do.


Jun. 19

8:30am Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, a glass of orange juice, 3 pieces of toast, scrambled egg, grilled zucchini, Boiled cabbage, Mango, 2 cups of coffee
1:00pm Lunch : fejoada, cabbage, rice
3:30pm cheese and crackers, 3 glasses of red wine to watch a soccer game!
6:00pm pastel
7:00pm-9:30pm beer x 3


My friend slept over last night to watch a World Cup game at 8:30am this morning together. I made breakfast for us. The breakfast was simple but she liked it. We had feijoada, which is traditional Brazilian cuisine, for lunch. Her mother-in-law made it and she gave me some. It was good. It was such a nice day. What I did was ate breakfast, watch the game, had lunch and watch the game. I think that the world cup for Brazil is just like a festival and I like it!


Jun. 18

6:20am Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, 2 pieces of toast and one boiled egg, 2 cups of coffee
12:00pm Lunch : Chicken, feijao, rice at lanchonete
9:00pm Dinner : beer, bread, beer

It was such a busy day. To treat myself good, I ate a lot for lunch and I felt better. Is it bad sign? No worries. I ate small for dinner.


Jun. 17

6:15am Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, Tomato bean soup, 2 cups of coffee
1:00pmLunch : rice, feijoada, couve, deep fried pork, a glass of fanta orange, a piece of coconut cake, a cup of coffee
8:30pm Dinner : Tomato bean soup
11:00pm-11:30pm beer, a glass of red wine


I went to a lunch party on business today. It was good, but I am getting tired. I mean, I had steak yesterday and it was also a part of business. I can't afford to pay for fancy meals like these. I prefer having cheap food with my family and friends. Well, that's a business. I am not complaining. I enjoyed it. But I hope I won't need to have lunch with strangers tomorrow.


Jun. 16

5:40am Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, 2 pieces of toast, Tomato bean soup, 2 cups of coffee
3:00pm Late Lunch : Japanese beef steak, a glass of water, a cup of coffee
8:00pm beer

I went to an International meat exhibition and I had a big piece of Japanse steak. The beef was juicy and tender. I was so happy because I didn't have such a tasty steak since I left Japan. I eat Brazilian beef, but I prefer Japanese beef. The steak I had was a little bit too fatty and I didn't get hungry at dinner time. So my dinner was only beer.


Sushi Guen

There are a lot of sushi restaurants in Sao Paulo, but they don't have so many kinds of fish. It makes me feel I am missing something. Sushi restaurants in Japan sometimes have fish I don't know. Sushi Guen has more kinds of fish than other restaurant and the interior looks like very Japanese. The chef is from Japan and he knows good fish. I liked Sashimi squid and sea urchin!

Sashimi (and beer)


Sushi Guen(寿司源)

Rua Manoel Da Nobrega, 76 -Loja 13/14, Jardim Paulista

Jun. 15

5:50am Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, Tomato bean soup, Fried curry rice, 2 cups of coffee
12:00pm Lunch : Bento Box ; Fried curry rice
4:30pm popcorn during watching a soccer game. Brazil won!
5:45pm Dinner : Sushi, Sashimi, Miso-soup, beer at Sushi Guen
8:50pm a glass of red wine
Bento Box

I was happy for what I ate today. It was the first time for me to make curry flavored fried rice and it was good. I had good sushi for dinner. I went to a sushi restaurant on business and after work, the owner made me the sushi and sashimi. How lucky I was!


Jun. 14

6:00am Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, a cup of coffee, Okra Gohan
11:30am Lunch : Grilled beed & onion, French fries, bread, agua com gas at lanchonete
8:30pm Dinner : Bento Box; grilled beef, okra, rice, beer
10:00pm a glass of red wine


Bento Box
I brought a bento box for lunch but I had to eat out with people. So I brought it back home and had it for dinner. It was lucky because I didn't need to cook for dinner and had less dirty dishes. Am I too optimistic?


Ping Pong

This restaurant is famous for dim sum, but it doesn't look very Chinese restaurant. It is more stylish and fancy. I didn't expect much because I though it might be Brazilian Chinese. But I was wrong. My friend and I ordered set menu each and shared. It was not cheap, but tasty. The atomosphere was good.


Ping Pong

Rua Lopes Neto, 15 Itaim Bibi


Casa Campeao

I had lunch with friends. One of them married a Chinese guy and she goes to this restaurant with him often. As she said, most of the customers there are Chinese. This restaurant is located at Liberdade, it used to be called Japan town. However it is not Japanese anymore. There are lots of Chinese and many chinese restaurants. My friend picked some food and it was good and cheap. We had 5 people and shared, and it cost less than R$30 each, which is about US$15. Unfotunately, I don't know the name of each plate. I recommend you go there with bunch of people and enjoy several kinds of plates.
Boiled or steamed shrimp (There were more than 20 shirmp on the plate)
Fried rice
Spicy sour soup
Deep fried fish


Casa Campeao

Rua da Gloria 141, Liberdade

Jun. 13

7:00am Breakfast : 2 pieces of toast, soup, a cup of coffee
12:30pm Lunch : dim sum at Ping Pong
6:15pm Dinner : Tomato soup with garlic rice, a glass of white wine
8:00pm-9:30pm 2 glasses of red wine




I was going to hav cereal for breakfast this morning but it was too cold to have cold milk with it. Winter has come. I won't be hungry for cereal in the morning for a while.


Jun. 12

10:00am Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, a glass of yogurt drink, 2 cups of coffee, scramble egg with beans
1:00pm Lunch? : pineapple
3:30pm beer at All Black Irish Pub
7:30pm Dinner : Steak, rice, friench fries
8:30pm 2 cups of hot apple cinnamon tea



I had breakfast late. It was almost brunch, so I had only fruit for lunch. Then I got very hungry in the evening. You can tell how hungry I was.

Jun. 11

5:45am Breakfast : a piece of pizza, a glass of soy milk, 2 cups of coffee
9:00am cake
12:00pm Lunch : Bento Box; beans fried rice
7:00pm Dinner : salami, cheese, french fries, beer, caipirinha at pub
It was too much to have 2 pieces of pizza. I though I could eat them, but it had tons of cheese. My lunch was good, but I had unhealthy food twice in a day.


Jun. 10

5:45am Breakfast : curry and rice(you know it!), a glass of soy milk, a cup of coffee
9:00am popcorn, chocolate, a SMALL piece of banana cake
11:45am Lunch : shrimp, fried rice, soup, stir-fry, deep fried fish at Campeao
8:30pm Dinner : pizza, Sake no Nanbanzuke(salmon with marinated vegetables), beer
9:30pm a glass of white wine


Sake no Nanbanzuke

I had lunch with girls at Chinese restaurant. It was good and cheap. My friend goes to the restaurant often with her husband. She is Japanese and her husband is Chinese. It was good to have her today, because she know what is good there. And the menu was written in Chinese and Portuguese. She understands Chinese and other friend understands Portuguese. It was lucky to have them!


Jun. 9

6:00am Breakfast : Curry and rice, caqui(japanese fruit), a glass of soy milk, a glass of smoothie, a cup of coffee
9:30am popcorn, chocolate
12:30pm Lunch : Bento Box; curry and rice
8:00pm Dinner : Curry and rice, beer
9:30pm beer x 2
Curry for breakfasat
Curry for dinner

I had curry for all meals today. There are some left. I will have it for tomorrow breakfast. I like curry!