Mar. 30

Breakfast : tomato soup (leftovers of J's dinner) - it had squid and vegetables, this morning it had only potato left in it. Lunch : fried rice

Dinner : cooked sardine, shimeji mashroom, tomato & moyashi su-no-mono, tofu miso-soup, rice

Su no mono - tomato & moyashi -

It is to remember the ingredients of su no mono which is vinegar dressing. I made su-no-mono with tomato and moyashi, but the ingredients work for other vegetables.
Ingredients : serve 2

1 tbs sugar

1.5 tbs vinegar (rice vinegar)

1/2 tsp soy sauce

1 tbs grinded sesami seeds

vegetables (1 tomato, 250g moyashi)

Preparation :

1. mix all ingredents except vegetables

2. add veggies and mix


Mar. 29

Breakfast : egg with miso-soup, a cup of coffee Lunch : pastel de carne com queijo

Dinner at Maeda : meat, rice, miso-soup


There are many beef restaurants in Brazil, but most of them don't serve what I really want . But here, Maeda has what I want. It is Yakiniku style, which is that you grill meat like BBQ on the table. I think it is Japanese style and most of customers were asian. They serve many organ foods at this restaurant. Many Japanese like to eat organs. It is said that they have many vitamin and collagen in it, and it is popular among women. I am not sure how much American and Europeans enjoy it, in fact J doesn't like it. tongue and vegetable

mino (rumen)

gyoku (testicle!)

grilled testicle!
shiro (intestine)



Rua da Gloria 111, 2andar, Liberdade


Mar. 28

A movie "Shallow Hal" was on TV tonight. I watched it in Japan at firt time. Japanese title was different from original, "My sweethear, Rosemary" in Japanese. It was funny. Breakfast : J's cooking, bread, a cup of coffee Lunch : beef stew(someday's leftovers), cheese bagel

Dinner : kiroboshi-daikon, red cabbage salad, onion miso-soup, rice, salmion for J


Mar. 27

"You are what you eat". Hmmm, I have to take it seriously. What I ate is not what I want. I was going to have something healthy for dinner. The problem was that I wanted to watch a movie during dinner. Then I picked pizza .... from a BOX! It is worse, but I didn't want to spend extra money for decent delivery pizza, because we already spent some for eating out on the weekend. After dinner, we had chips, of course. BTW, the movie we watched is "Sideways". We have seen it before but we rentaled again. Maybe we should buy it? Breakfast: one fried egg, toast, a cup of coffee Lunch : nira-tama shio ramen

Dinner : pizza from box, salad


Mar. 26

Breakfast : one fried egg, salad, bread, a cup of coffee Lunch : grilled cheese sandwich - J made it. Because I didn't know what it was. yummy. It was very American lunch, grilled cheese and coke!

Dinner at Kaa : some bread, beef steak with potato, mille-feuille


I have been to this restaurant last year and it was good. It is stylish and the waiters are sophisticated. They have a good wine list. convert : some bread with cream cheese, butter, anchovi garlic oil?, olive oil from the left

appetizer : beef tartar, french fry - tartar was good, but the french fry was salty. well it's not surprising, Brazilian food is kind of salty most of the time.

Main dish :

dessert : mille-feuille

wine for main dish : Yume 2006 montepulciano d'Abruzzo - I like montephlciano d'Abruzzo. We have had Yume before and it was great. I am not sure what year, but 2006 was also good.


Av. Juscelino Kubitschek, 279



I heard a good reputation for muqueca of this restaurant. They say, it tastes lighter than regular moqueca because using olive oil instead of dende oil which is palm oil. I think that is why people, specially Japanese, like this restaurant. In fact, it has a menu in Japanese. This surprised me. As usual restaurant deal with seafood, it was not cheap but I was happy. We order moqueca for 3 and shared for 4. We stuffed.

casquinha de siri - crab meat. I heard it was really good. hmmm, it was ok but I won't order it next time.

moqueca de badejo e caramao rosa - badejo is fish like cod, I think. caramao rosa is shrimp. It was good. The moqueca was served with rice, tomato fish paste and banana falofa.

Alameda dos Jurupis 813

Mar. 25 - 2nd anniversary -

It was the second anniversary. I remember what I did last year. We had thunder and it hit a tree, and the tree cut an electric wire. We lost power and had to eat out. I feel like it was more than 1 year ago.
We saved a special dinner tomorrow, Saturday, and I made something nice tonight. We had a good time, didn't we? Happy anniversary, J!

Breakfast : J's cooking, pear, banana, a cup of VERY light coffe which is I messed up

Lunch : moyashi fried rice

Dinner : appetizer - smoked salmon (I thought I picked a decent one, but it was not tasty), stick food(tomato, cheese, olive, ham), sparkling wine for a toast

: main dish - beef stew, salad

: dessert - hot banana with ice cream (I was going to bake a cake but I changed my mind. I warmed banana with butter up. I added a little water to make syrup. It worked!)

Wine tonight : Cuma - it is organic. hmmm, it was ok.



I found this restaurant on internet and it looked popular among tourists. I had thought it was just a diner or something easy, but it was way better. It was just a nice restaurant. Once I went to the lady's room, I got why tourist liked here. Food was good and it had English menu which was nice.

Parmegiana - yummy! mashed potato, cutlet overed with tomato sauce and cheese! Can you believe that this portion for one person. I suggest you to share.

caramao - I forgot the name. J was hungry for shrimp but he didn't love this.

Restaurant Eclipse
N. Sra. de Copacabana 1309, Rio de Janeiro

Siri Mole & Cia

This restaurant is known as muqueca, which is Brazilian seafood stew. It was the first muqueca for me, so there's nothing I can compare it to. I liked it. I found this restaurant on internet and the reputation was ok, but some complains about the price. Just remember seafood in Brazil is expensive. The atmosphere was chic. It would be nice if you wanna go to a decent restaurant in Rio de Janeiro.

Siri Mole de Cia
Rua Francisco Otaviano 50, Rio de Janeiro

Mar. 24

Breakgast : egg and miso-soup, a cup of coffee

Lunch : scrambled tofu fried rice

Dinner : spring roll, steamed chicken with ginger soy sauce, moyashi soup, fried rice - spring roll is usually deepfried, but I had only a few drops of oil. Eventually, it was healthier.


Mar. 23

Breakfast : egg with spicy miso-soup

Lunch at Badejo : casquinha de siri, muqueca de camarao rosa e badejo

Dinner : cooked sardine with soy sauce and ginger, scrambled tofu, red cabbage salad, moyashi & nira miso-soup, rice


Mar. 22

I go to a feira(market) every Tuesday. I bought a pastel there last Tuesday. I bought one for lunch today, too. Ok, this is Tuesday's lunch. Why not? I have only 2 months left in Brazil. I will eat whatever I want! Don't worry. I do exercise more than before!

Breakfast : soy milk and ??? I don't remember

Lunch : pastel de palmit - palmit is bud of palm. It was first time to have this ingredient. hmmm. I prefer pizza last week.

Dinner : squid & brocollie stir-fry, tofu with okra & nira, moyashi sprout salad, cacbbage spicy miso-soiup, rice