Apr. 29

Breakfast : yogurt with banana

Lunch : glass noodle with veggies

Dinner at tantra : meat and veggies stirfry


I went to Tantra for J's co-worker's engagement pary. The restaurant has a unique style for food. It looked like buffet, we pick some food and have them int the bowl. There is a big grill pan and we give the bowl to a staff. They stirfry it and serve it. That was fun. We can pick the food and seasoning. I liked the atomosphere, but I don't love the price. The food and one drink cost about R$100. I enojoyed it, but I won't go there again.

Seasoning table

Grill table

This is what I picked.


Rua Chilon, 364


Apr. 28

Breakfast : yogurt with banana, cup cake, a cup of coffee

Lunch : glass noodle miso-soup

Dinner at Den : ceviche

: combo den


Apr. 27

I can get Japanese style pumpkin here, which skin is green and inside is orange. I like the pumpkin but it tastes diffrent from one I ate in Japan. I miss Japanese pupmkins.

Breakfast : yogurt with banana, a cup of coffee

Lunch : zucchini & tomato with rice
: glass noodle soup - I was hungry!

Dinner : scrambled tofu, steamed veggies & sardine(from can), pumpkin, moyashi miso-soup


Apr. 26

Breakfast : spicy miso-soup(leftovers)

Lunch : pastel at feira

Dinner : mapo doufu, moyashi & nira stirfry, cucumber, pumpkin miso-soup, rice


Apr. 23

We went to see the movie "Rio". I don't go to a movie theater much, because it is expensive. But it is a holiday and we have been stuck in Sao Paulo. We could do something to entertain us. Rio was 3D movie and I didn't need to weat 3D glasses. It was a good movie to watch at a movie theater.

Breakfast : ocha-zuke

Lunch : macaroni & cheese with tuna

Dinner at Cosmopolitan Bistro Lounge : salad with salmon tartar, ravioli - I almost forgot to take a picture of ravioli

Cosmopolitan Bistro Lounge

The atmosphere was nice, but I didn't love the food much. The wine list was not great. I don't think I will go to the restaurant again. Just to remember it, I will keep this here.

salad with salmon tartar

green salad : too much cheese

Haburger : it's not special and french fries were not good.

ravioli : one piece of ravioli was big.


Cosmopolitan Bistro Lounge

Rua Bela Cintra, 1693


Apr. 22

We went to a pub for dinner. I didn't want to cook today, because I worked too much yesterday. I ordered beef. I just realized that other customers were not eating beef. The beef at this pub is one of the more popular items on the menu though. As J said, christians don't eat meat before pascoa(easter). I feel like I am so perverse. I don't eat beef most of the time and eat fish, but today while people don't eat beef, I eat beef. :p

Breakfast : yogurt with banana

Lunch : Chuka-don - but it was too much soup. It was like soup rice.

Dinner at bendito : appitizer

: picanha apertivo - there's beef under the onions


Apr. 21

It is the first day of 4 days holiday. J and I went to Burle Marx park where takes us 15 minutes walk from our apartment. We go to this part to run or walk on weekend, and today we headed here to picnic. Passing the gate, the guard stopped me and pointed the picnic bag. "You can't picnic in the park" said the guard.
Nooooooooooooooooooo!!! I spent 1 hour to make lunch box and can't have it??? I was sad and dissapointed, but nothing I could do. We came back home and had lunch on the veranda.

Breakfast : yogurt with banana and plum

Lunch should have been had at the park : brocolli & tomato salad, chicken, zucchini & carrot stirfry, omlet, rice ball, greenbeans

Dinner : garllic squid, tomato & basil & mozzarella, carrot & cucumber sticks, cracker, 3 kinds of dip paste - I made finger foods to watch movies.

avocado with wasabi & soy sauce / boiled egg and green peas with mayo & curry/tuna & onion


Apr. 20

I have been busy since I got cold last week. No exercise, no study. I will spoil myself until this weekend. We have pascoa (easter) this weekend. We are not going anywhere and just hang out in Sao Paulo, but we will have something fun!

Breakfast : yogurt with banana and plum

Lunch : scrambled egg, bread, pumpkin soup

Dinner : chicken nanban-zuke, fried rice, pumpkin


Apr. 19

I didn't sleep well last night, but I woke up before 7am as usual. yikes. I went a market in the morning and bought quail eggs. Quail eggs are popular in the U.S.? I have it at a bar or soba or udon which is Japanese noodle resutaurant in Japan. I asked my mom, but she doesn't use them much at home. ok, I will google the recipe later.
I talked to my high school friend on skype this morning. It's always nice to talk to old friends. She got a job after struggling. Congratulations, girl!

Breakfast : yogurt, coleslaw & chickpeas salad(leftovers), a cup of coffee

Lunch : pastel de bauru(ham, cheese and tomato), caqui - fully ripen! it was as sweet as jam!

Dinner : oven grilled fish and veggeis(onion, carrot, zucchini, greanbeans), pumpkin soup, bread


Apr. 18

Breakfast : cereal with milk - oops, out of focus.

Lunch : steak rice

Dinner : coleslaw, chickpea salad, steak for J


Apr. 17

Breakfast : yogurt with banana, a cup of coffee/ Lunch : omlet-rice Dinner : pizza - Steak would have been a dinner menu tonight, but I didn't feel to cook. I think I eat pizza frequently, that means how lazy I have been.


Apr. 15

Jay is back. He came home just after 8pm. He looked happy to ge home. I bought him a bag of potato chips. Welcome back, J. Breakfast : banana & yogurt, a cup of coffee Lunch : chicken, cabbage & onion stirfry, okra gohan

Dinner for J : chicken tomato sauce pasta - I had lunch at 3 pm and was not hungry at all. I had some J's chips, which was my dinner?


Frozen banana

When I was a child, my mom used to make frozen bananas. The shape is lika candy bar. It is easy to make and natural sweetener.
Preparations :

1. Peel banana skin

2. Stick a chopstick into banana - I usually use disposal wooden chopstics

3. Wrap #2 with plastic wrap

4. Put in the freezer

Apr. 15

I still feel sick. I was going to eat out with my friends tonight, but I cancelled. While J is out of the town, I would have had fun. :( I went out just once to a market. BORING! oh well, shit happens. / Breakfast : frozen banana, a cup of coffee Lunchc : omlet-rice

Dinner : veggei curry soup