Oct. 31

9:00am Breakfast : a piece of toast, one fried egg, a glass of soy milk, 2 cups of coffee
1:00pm Lunch : some veggies, rice, chicken, sausage at food court, shopping morumbi
6:30pm Dinner : iwashi shoga-ni(cooked sardine), dashimaki-tamago(japanese omlet), carrot and wakame salad, potato, miso-soup, rice


I had J's friend over for dinner. I got sardine and cooked it as Japanese food. As he ate my cooking, he seemed to be enjoying it. Just in case he doesn't like the fish, I made dashimaki-tamago. J liked it.


Oct. 30

10:00am Breakfast : ramen, 2 cups of coffee, a glass of soy milk
2:00pm Lunch : meat tomato sauce pasta
7:00pm Dinner : empanada, salad, caipiroska at Patagonia
Restaurant, Patagonia



J's friend brought lunch. Thanks! We went to a restaurant for dinner. It was a good atmosphere. We didn't order much. When I go there next time, I will publish it on the blog.


Oct. 28

6:15am Breakfast : okra gohan, miso-soup, a glass of soy milk, a cup of coffee
12:30pm Lunch : Bento Box ; okra fried rice, konbu-mame
8:30pm Dinner : Miso-soup with egg and rice


Bento Box



Oct. 27

6:15am Breakfast : miso-soup with egg, a glass of orange juice, a cup of coffee
1:00pm Lunch : Bento Box at work
7:00pm Dinner : beef, beer at bar


Bento Box

I got a bento box at work, but I was too busy to enjoy it.


Oct. 26

6:20am Breakfast : kale onigiri, miso-soup, a glass of soy milk, a cup of coffee
12:15pm Lunch : sardine tomato sauce pasta, orange
7:00pm cookies, crackers and some sweets ( I don't wanna call it, dinner) at a meeting


Bento Box

It was a good start this morning. See what I had for breakfast. Onigiri and miso-soup. I was happy because I am Japanese.



It is an easy style bar but the food is not cheap. I live very close to this bar, I sometime stop for a drink. I think picanha is one of the most popular foods here. Raw beef and a small table top grill were served and we grill the meat by ourselves. It is seasoned with only rock salt but tastes good.

beer for boys (long neck beer x 5 costs R$15)

mandioca frita

picanha(I usually order half size for 2-3 people)

Rua Dr. Fonseca Brasil 289

Oct. 25

9:30pm Breakfast : orange juice, pao de qeijo, mandioca cake
12:30pm Lunch : fried rice, corn bread
8:00pm Dinner : tomato sauce sardine



I slept over and didn't have time to have breakfast at home. On the way to work, I bought a pao de qeijo and orange juice. My co-worker baked caked and I had one.


Oct. 24

7:00am Breakfast : a glass of orange juice, a glass of soy milk, a cup of coffee
12:00pm Lunch : teriyaki chicken, tempura, cooked vegetable, onigiri
7:00pm Dinner : mandioca frita, beef, dry matini at bendito



Oct. 23

9:30am Breakfast : soy curry with toast, 3 cups of coffee
1:00pm Lunch : steamed fish with onion, carrot and ginger, miso-soup, rice with kale
8:00pm Dinner : pizza

J and I wanted to eat out, but we were too tired. We had J's friend and ordered pizza, one large and one small one. There was some left and it'll be boy's breakfast. Do you like cold pizza? I don't. I like pizza because I love hot melted cheese.

Oct. 22

6:15am Breakfast : takenoko gohan, pumpkin, miso-soup
12:30pm Lunch : Bento Box ; takenoko gohan, pumpkin, orange, ice cream!
9:30pm Dinner : sushi



I got takenoko(bamboo shoot) and made takenoko gohan(rice). It was first time for me to make it, but I think I did a good job. I went to a seminar on business and had dinner there. It had sushi catering. It was nice but we had it after seminar and I was exhausted. J, look at thoses unagi(eel)! Looks nice?


Oct. 21

6:15am Breakfast : tuna hakusai soup, tangerine, 2 cups of coffee
1:00pm Lunch : Pork Shabu Shabu and some other foods at Rangetsu
8:00pm Dinner : soy beans curry with rice


Lunch at Rangetsu

grilled pork wrapped by bacon

pork for shabu shabu

veggies for nabe


I made soup with leftovers, tuna hakusai for breakfast. It was really good. Tuna hakusai is just cooked with sugar and soy sauce(I will publish the recipe next time). It comes with lots of juice from the hakusai. I added some water and made it soup. I will have the leftover on purpose when I make tuna hakusai next time.
I had lunch at Japanese restaurant on business. That was a tasting party for an event. The menu had mostly pork and I had pork shabu shabu. Shabu Shabu is a Japanese food and bathe a very thin slice of meat in hot broth until being cooked, and dip it in the sauce. Shabu Shabu has usually beef, but this time I had pork. It was difficult to get a perfect time. I needed to cook pork, but if I bathed it too long, it tasted bad. As that was a special menu, I won't publish this restaurant.


Oct. 20

6:20am Breakfast : tuna hakusai(cooked tuna & chinese cabbage), tangerine, a glass of soy milk, a cup of coffee
12:20pm Lunch : Bento Box ; kale maze gohan(mixed kale and rice), tuna hakusai
8:15pm Dinner : miso-soup with egg, boiled broccoli

Bento Box



Oct. 19

6:15am Breakfast : a glass of milk and soy milk, tangerine, one boiled egg, 2 cups of coffee
12:15pm Lunch : Bento Box ; kale fried rice, cooked pumpkin(yes, it is leftover)
8:45pm Dinner : vegetable milk soup

Bento Box


Traffic was terrible this evening. It took 2 hours and 30 minutes to get home. That's why I had dinner late.


Oct. 18

5:50am Breakfasat : tangerine, a glass of soy milk, 2 cups of coffee
12:00pm Lunch : Shiso onigiri, cooked pumpkin, boiled broccoli, green onion
7:45pm Dinner : miso-soup with egg, cooked pumpkin, boiled broccoli


Shiso onigiri has been our favorite onigiri since I pickled shiso in soy sauce to preserve it. The soy sauce has the herb flavor and pickled shiso is good seasoning. The onigiri has the pickled shiso on it and wrapped by nori (seaweed). I had the onigiri for lunch and I made J one for his dinner.


Oct. 16

7:00am tangerine, a glass of soy milk, a cup of coffee
10:00am Breakfast : scrambled egg, toast, a cup of coffee
5:00pm Dinner : sushi, sashimi, salad, boild shrimp and tons of Japanese food
Mango tree
Fruit ( I forgot the name)
Party food!!!!

: sushi

: boiled shrimp

I went to a birthday party of a president I work for. His friend held the party at his mansion. He is a flower farmer and lives countryside. The president reserved a bus and we got on together from the company. It took about 2 hours to get there. The party was fun. I ate a lot!


Oct. 15

6:30pm Breakfast : one fried egg with spicy tomato fish sauce, tangerine, a cup of coffee
12:30pm Lunch : Bento Box ; fried rice, sausage
9:00pm cheese & crackers, beer, a glass of red wine




Oct. 14

6:30am Breakfast : miso-soup with an egg, tangerine, a cup of coffee
12:00pm Lunch : tongue stew
8:00pm Dinner : Niku jaga(cooked chicken , potato and veggeis)
Bento Box


Oct. 13

6:20am Breakfast : grilled fish, miso-soup, rice, tangerine, a glass of soy milk, 2 cups of coffe
12:00pm Lunch : soup, stirfried vegetable, fried rice, chicken at chinese restaurant
8:30pm Dinner : tangue stew!


Lunch : chicken


I worked hard in the kitchen today! J said he would like to have miso-soup and rice for breakfast, and then I cooked for him. J, I will send you a bill later!
We had tongue again. I made tongue stew with the rest of the tongue. I added beef for J. I think I was thoughtfull all day today.