May 29

Chilly! Winter has come. I left my warm clothes in the U.S. Although it is second cold season in Sao Paulo, I didn't expect this temprature. I had a plan to make soup for lunch, but J prefered a chicken sandwich. So I made the sandwich for him and stir-fry for me .... no carbs.

Breakfast : pancake - oops! it's carbs!
Lunch : sausage and vegetable stir-fry
Dinner : grilled chicken leg, salad


May 28

I found that I felt uncomfortable with my jaw. It's painful if I open my mouth, like when I yawn. I guess it's because I grind my teeth while I sleep. hmmmm. It took me time to eat. Oh well, that's a good thing for a diet?

Breakfast : yogurt with banana
Lunch : veggies & black beans with tomato sauce
Dinner : veggie and egg soup


May 27

We had pizza for dinner, because I was too lazy to cook. It has half sausage and half anchovi. Hmmm. It was greasy. I had 2 pieces and J had the rest of them. We watched Pulp Fiction during dinner. It was cool. I watched it many times and I never get tired of it. Good movies never die.

Breakfast : soup J made
Lunch : veggies soup

Dinner : pizza


May 26

J had a day off today. He had works to do, so I made him breakfast and lunch. We went shopping in the evening. It would be the last chance to shop in Brazil. We bought a picture book of Brazil. We will miss Brazil whenever we see the pictures of the book.

Breakfast : fried egg and bread
Lunch : veggies stir-fry, grilled chicke with curry flavor

Dinner at Outback Steakhouse : caesar salad, ribs - I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture of ribs.


May 25

It was a sunny day. It was a good day to go out! But I stayed at home all day and did nothing ... lazy?

Breakfast : yogurt with banana
Lunch : hijiki with glass noodle
Dinner : grilled salmon, koya-doufu, brocollie, daikon & wakame miso-soup - It is rare to buy salmon. Salmo is expensive. But J has been working hard these days and I bought some pieces of salmon for J as a treat.


May 23 - 24

May 23
Breakfast - yogurt with banana
Lunch : glass noodle and veggies stir-fry
Dinner : oven grilled fish, omlet with tomato sauce, cabbage & tomato salad - J didn't like the salad at all .... yeah, it was not good.

May 24

Breakfast : cabbage & tomato(leftovers) stir-fry, one fried egg

Lunch at feira : pastel de carne seca com queijo
Dinner : grilled saba, hijiki, onion salad, daikon miso-soup


May 22

We bought a scale. It's been a long time since I weighed myself. When I saw the weight the showed, I thought it must be broken. Unfortunately, it was not broken but I just gained weight. I know I ate too much yesterday. To punish myself, I didn't drink any alcohol for dinner.

Breakfast : macaroni & cheese with tuna - J made.
Lunch : green curry, sausage

Dinner : sushi, temaki from delivery of Tadashii


May 21

My friend threw a churrasco(BBQ) party at her place. I ate more than I should have and was not hungry for dinner. It was predictable.
I had her house tour and it became kind a wake-up call for me; I'd like to live in a house. Since I left my parents place, I have lived in an apartment. I was satisfied living in an apartment and grew some plants on veranda sometimes. But now I long for a house! It seems a long way to get the goal, but it won't be possible. What can I do now to reach my dream house? Work hard ......(first, I have to get a job)

Breakfast : yogurt with banana, papaya

Lunch : marinated sardine - yummy!
: potato salad, salad, grilled chicken & sausage

: glass noodls salad, pickled veggies, oven grilled mashed potato??

: grilled chicken, sausage


: my plate - I had some pieces of beef later. happy day!


May 20

Friday! But I have no plans. I can make nice dinner and relax at home.

Breakfast: yogurt with banana

Lunch : chicken heart, scrambled egg, cabbage & tomato stirfry, rice(yummy)
Dinner : salad stick, bruschetta, as appetizer - we had a glass of vodca lime with them.

: tomato souce chicken - J had a piece of bread with it.


May 18 - 19

May 18
Breakfast : miso-soup
Lunch : pastel

Dinner : grilled fish with daikon-oroshi, zucchini, greanbeans, daikon leaf

May 19

Breakfast : yogurt with banana

Lunch at por kilo restaurant : beef, salad

Dinner : cooked fish, daikon, kobu-salad, hakusai miso-soup


May 16

Breakfast : yogurt with mango

Lunch : glass noodle with chiken heart and veggies

Dinner : grilled pescada, brocollie, koya with veggies, hakusai miso-soup


May 15

I have been trying not to have carbs; no bread, no past and of course, no rice. J made me breakfast this morning and it had a piece of bread with eggs..... Thank you. I appreciated the breakfast and tasted bread. yumyum.
I was tired all day and I didn't wanna cook for dinner. Then I picked pizza. Carbs again. I will exercise to burn it tomorrow.

Breakfast : bread, scrambled egg

Lunch : tomato soup

Dinner : pizza, salad


Bar do Jurez

I heard about Bar do Jurez having a good reputation. I got a chance to go there at last. Picanha was as good as the reputation and beer was .... yummy! We went there for Saturday lunch. It opens at noon and it gets busy after 2pm. Yes, Brazilians have lunch late especially on a weekend. This pub is also very popular for dinner time. If you wanna go there in the evening, you had better try arriving early, or it would be packed.




Bar do Jurez

May 14

J and I had lunch with my friend and her husband. J and her husband V had some common topics to talk about and J seemed that he was enjoying the conversation. Of course, I enjoyed spending time with them a lot. I hope we can have a chance to see them again before leaving Sao Paulo.

Breakfast : yogurt with mango

Lunch at Bar do Jurez : salad, picanha, fish,

Dinner : glass noodle soup, ramen for J - we were not hungry after the big lunch.


May 13

I made hamburger for J, who is VERY hungry for American food. I asked J's mom for a hamburger recipe, because it's different from a Japanese one. My Japanese hamburger has mixed beef and pork meat with onion, egg and some other ingredients in the meat patty. This time I wanted to make American one. I bought a good bottle of wine for dinner. When I peeled the plastic over, I found the cork was moldy. I cleaned it very well and opened the bottle and checked it. The red wine was cloudy! Yikes! It cost more than wine we drink usually. "Shit happends", said J and he went to buy another bottle of wine. You are very kind! (or you were very thirsty for wine??)

Breakfast : yogurt, one boiled egg

Lunch : chiken hearts & veggies & tuna stir-fry

Dinner : hamburger - for me, no buns.


May 11 - 12

May 11
I bought some fish at feira. I grilled one for dinner tonight. I tasted it, but I still didn't know what the fish was. The texture was as tough as chicken. Anyone know about this fish??

Breakfast : ? / Lunch : pastel de pizza

Dinner : grilled mysterious fish, brocollie, hakusai with tuna, miso-soup

May 12
J asked me about dinner in the morning. It is rare for him to ask that kind of questions. As he said, he has been hungry for western food these days. Then I picked gratin. It might be not what he really wants, but he enjoyed dinner.

Breakfast: yogurt with banana / Lunch : grass noodle miso-soup

Dinner : chicken gratin, tomato & onion salad