Nov. 28

Breakfast : rice, 2 cups of coffee
Lunch : curry(tuna, onion, carrot) with rice
Dinner : salad



Omu-rice with cream sauce

Omu-rice is rice rolled inside of an omlet. We usually have fried rice with ketcup inside. As I had to cook the rice from scratch, I didn't make fried rice but put all ingredients in the pot, with the rice to cook.

Ingredients : serves 2
1 cup (160cc) rice - wash in water and drain
2 inch(5cm) carrot - mince
1/4 onion - mince
1 slice chicken - dice
1 chicken bouillone
180cc water
1 tbs oil
3 egg - stir well
a little salt and black pepper
2 cup milk
1 tsp flour

1. Stirfry rice, carrot, onion, chicken with oil until rice gets clear color in the pot
2. Add water and bouillon and cook until water boils
3. Put lid on the pot and cook on the small heat for 10 mins.(Don't open the lid).
4. Take the pot off the stove and sit to steam for another 10 mins(Don't open the lid).
5. Put milk, salt and pepper and flour in the pot and stir well with a whisk.
6. Heat #5 until getting creamy
7. Pour half of stirred egg in the hot pan and fry thin.
8. When the egg is cooked, put some rice on the middle of the egg and slide it on the plate
9. Pour #6 on #8

Inside looks like this! Yummy!

Nov. 27

Breakfast : mash potato ( when was it made???)
Lunch : Omlet rice
Dinner : sushi at Jam



I did a good job for lunch. I didn't measure the ingredients, but I like the idea which has cream souce on the omlet rice. I will keep the recipe.


Nov. 25

6:30am Breakfast : tomato sauce veggies and chicken with potato, a glass of soy milk, a cup of coffee
12:00pm Lunch : tomato sauce veggies and chicken with potato
4:30pm cake and some food
6:30pm Dinner : grilled beef, french fries, beer at bendito

I don't publish my blog often these days because I have been lazy and not cooked well. I was not going to publish today, but something nice happenned to me. One is that my favorite blogger made a recipe for me. Thank you very much, Izumi-san. I will talk about the recipe more when I make the food. Another nice thing is that a first lady of a consul general in Sao Paulo gave me an orchid in a pot. I visited the consulate general on business and told the consul and his wife that I will quit working this month and it could be a last chance to see them. Then Mrs. consul said "wait" and went into the building. After a few minutes, she was back with a pot in her arm. I was surprised. How wonderful she gave me a gift! The consul and his wife were so nice and friendly. I appriciate their kindness and this oppotunity to meet them.
This is the flower given by the first lady.


Nov. 21

8:30am Breakfast : ramen, fried rice, 2 cups of coffee, a glass of soy milk
1:00pm Lunch : lasagne, mochi(rice cake), salad at work
6:00pm Dinner : steak, mashed potatoes, steamed brocolli, cooked carrot and onion, red wine


Lunch table


I said "I want to have steak and mashed potato for dinner" when I had breakfast with J. After breakfast, I went to work (although it is Sunday!). J didn't react much this morning. When I came back home and found steak in the fridge. He made dinner. Thanks, J.


Nov. 19

9:30am Breakfast : chiken and veggie soup, 2 cups of coffee
1:00pm Lunch : okura-don(okra on the rice), cooked fish
6:30pm Dinner : pizza, grilled zucchini



Nov 17

I don't remember what and what time I ate. I just follow the pictures.

Breakfast : shimeji gohan, miso-soup, a cup of coffee
Lunch : shimeji gohan, greanbeans, pumpkin

Bento Box

I made shimejigohan at first time. It tasted good, but the rice was not cooked enough. I will challenge it again and then I will keep the recipe.


Nov. 16

6:15am Breakfast : onigiri, pumpkin, greenbean, a glass of soy milk, a cup of coffee
12:00pm Lunch : mapo doufu, siromizakana no ankake, rice
8:20pm Dinner : spicy miso-soup, beer


Bento Box

I used toubanjan for spicy miso-soup. It worked! J prefers spicier though. I will try different recipes with toubanjan!


Nov. 15

6:30am Breakfast : salad, a glass of soy milk, a cup of coffee
12:00pm Lunch : ramen
6:00pm Dinner : mapo doufu, siromi zakana no ankake(fish with sauce), miyashi, fried rice
8:30pm cookie and cream ice cream, beer


I got toubanjan(chilli beans sauce, chinese seasoning). It taste like a spicy miso paste. I made mapo doufu with it.

Nov. 14 - Happy Birthday J! -

10:30am Breakfast : ramen, a cup of coffee
2:00pm Lunch : orange
6:00pm Dinner : temari sushi (little sushi ball), salmon sashimi, salmon nanbanzuke (marinated fried salmon with veggeis), greenbeans, pumpkin, letuce salad, red wine
9:00pm martine at bendito


birthday dinner

We ate out last night and decided to have dinner at home tonight. I made J's favorite. He looked happy. After dinner, we went to a bar to have beer because I ran out beer! How could I!


Nov. 13 - J's BD eve-

9:00am Breakfast : ramen, a cup of coffee
4:00pm Lunch : buffet food at Ichiriki, Liberdade
6:00pm dry martine at sky
9:00pm Dinner : tartar steak at Kaa, a glass of sparkling wine, some glasses of red wine



It was a crazy birthday eve. It was fun. We went to a bar, sky, which is a fancy bar on the top floor of the hotel and we met travelars from the U.S. We deciced to have dinner together and went to a dance club after dinner. We were all drunk. It was first time for me to see J dancing! Not only dancing, he was singing with a bottle of beer in his hand. It was such a nice eve.


Nov. 11

6:00am Breakfast : kale frikake(stirfry) on the rice, miso-soup, a glass of soy milk, 2 cups of coffee
9:30am sausage bread (breakfast again?)
12:00pm Lunch : Bento Box ; tomato sauce pork, kale and garlic stirfry, rice
3:30pm cafe com leite, pao de queijo (snack time!)
8:00pm Tomato soup and kale and garlick stirfry (yes, it is a same manu from lunch), beer x 2


Bento Box

I know I ate too much today, but I couldn't stop eating.

Nov. 8 - 10 Bento Box

As I was busy and tired, I didn't publish my blog for a while. I tried to remember what I ate, but it was impossible.
Here's a picture of Bento Box. It helps me to remid what I had for lunch.
Nov. 8 : fried rice and J's back up food(chicken and veggies)
Nov. 9 : Tomato sauce pasta
Nov. 10 : Soboro Bento ; kale stirfry and miced soy beans on the rice


Nov. 7

8:45am Breakfast : a glass of orange juice, dandelion leaf soup, a cup of coffee
1:30pm Lunch : hamburger at Prime burger
7:00pm Dinner : grilled anchovy with veggies, cheese & cracker with spinach dip

I got an unfamiliar vegetable at the market. It looked like dandelion leaves. I forgot the name in Portugues. I was told that I can have it for salad. When I got home and washed it and tasted some... bitter. I didn't think I would enjoy it for salad. So I put it in soup.
Breakfast ; dandelion leaves soup...It sill tasted bitter.

This is the vegetable..... I felt like I became a rabbit or hamster.


I thought I should have cooked it more. I stirfried the vegetable with garlic....... still bitter. I threw it away. It is very rare for me to throw food away. I still have some of those vegetables. Do you know anyone who has rabbits or little herbivours animals which like dandelion leaves?


Nov. 6

10:00am Breakfast : scrambled egg, a glass of soy milk, a cup of coffee
1:30pm Lunch : carrot rice, kale, fish with soy beans meat sauce
7:30pm Dinner : sushi at Sushi Den
Dinner at Sushi Den ; Deepfried Suquid
; Sushi and Sashimi

Nov. 2 - 5

I didn't publish my blog since November 1st. I had been busy and was too tired to sit in front of the computer. It was a national holiday on Tuesday, Nov. 2nd, but I had to go on a business trip. I usually post only a picture of the meal, but this time I share a non food picture, too.

Banana tree

Banana hill

Lunch on Nov. 2 ; manjuba sashimi

; food, food, food

; bento box

Toro nagashi in Registro
Toro nagashi is a Japanese cultural event. We make little wooden boat and put food with a name of the dead to hold a memorial. The funny thing is that I had not seen it in Japan. I never expected to see it in Brazil. It was beautiful. It is an event for a memorial, but it was very romantic.


Nov. 1

7:00am a glass of soy milk, a glass of orange juice
9:00am Breakfast? : mini pao de queijo
12:00pm Lunch : salad, chicken, beef, feijao, rice at lanchonete
7:00pm dDinner : chicken caesar salad, garlic bread


J had a day off today and made dinner for a working lady, M. Thanks. It was good. It'll be a busy week. I won't cook this week! In Brazil, tomorrow is a holiday. Of course, J has a day off but I have to go on a business trip. I will be back on Wednesday. I will eat out this week and have to be careful not to eat too much.