Dec. 11 in Japan

Breakfast : a piece of toast, fried egg, coffee
Lunch : Okra gohan
Dinner : tapas at Manolo, Osaka


Dinner : sardine, which is my favorite. I always order this.

: Shitake

: wild deer

: oyster

: paella

I use my mom's camera. It is old and can't focus. hmmm. I went a spanish restaurant in Osaka with my friends. We toasted for my return with sparkling wine and we opened 2 bottles of red wine and 1 bottle of white wine. We ordered 2 more decanta... We drank about 5 bottles? How many people were there? In cluding me, there were 4! We got together since I left for Brazil, but we were still the same! Girls rock!
Incidentally, I got up before 8am this morning. I didn't have hungover! I am proud of my liver.

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