Dec. 14 in Japan

Breakfast : grilled fish, spinach, miso-soup, rice
Lunch : choco-cro(chocolate croissant), milk tea
Dinner : sushi & sashimi at Sanpei zushi


Lunch with my mom

Dinner ; hirame (flatfish)

; ika, buri, hotate (squid, yellowtail, scallop from the left)

; ebi (shrimp)

; shime-saba (mackerel)

; maguro (tuna)

; buri (yellowtail)

; akagai (ark shell)

; ana-shin (conger and pickled daikon roll)

I went to Kobe yesterday and had dinner at my favorite sushi restaurant. It was really good. It was first time to take my mom the restaurant and she loved it.
We were staffed and left Kobe, and bought Takoyaki on our way home.... yummy!
Anyway, I have to fix my mom's camera. They are all out of focus!

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