Mar. 25 - 2nd anniversary -

It was the second anniversary. I remember what I did last year. We had thunder and it hit a tree, and the tree cut an electric wire. We lost power and had to eat out. I feel like it was more than 1 year ago.
We saved a special dinner tomorrow, Saturday, and I made something nice tonight. We had a good time, didn't we? Happy anniversary, J!

Breakfast : J's cooking, pear, banana, a cup of VERY light coffe which is I messed up

Lunch : moyashi fried rice

Dinner : appetizer - smoked salmon (I thought I picked a decent one, but it was not tasty), stick food(tomato, cheese, olive, ham), sparkling wine for a toast

: main dish - beef stew, salad

: dessert - hot banana with ice cream (I was going to bake a cake but I changed my mind. I warmed banana with butter up. I added a little water to make syrup. It worked!)

Wine tonight : Cuma - it is organic. hmmm, it was ok.

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