I heard a good reputation for muqueca of this restaurant. They say, it tastes lighter than regular moqueca because using olive oil instead of dende oil which is palm oil. I think that is why people, specially Japanese, like this restaurant. In fact, it has a menu in Japanese. This surprised me. As usual restaurant deal with seafood, it was not cheap but I was happy. We order moqueca for 3 and shared for 4. We stuffed.

casquinha de siri - crab meat. I heard it was really good. hmmm, it was ok but I won't order it next time.

moqueca de badejo e caramao rosa - badejo is fish like cod, I think. caramao rosa is shrimp. It was good. The moqueca was served with rice, tomato fish paste and banana falofa.

Alameda dos Jurupis 813

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