Mar. 1

I don't like bugs. They are ok as long as they live outside, not inside of my apartment. But today, they crossed the line. The thing happened when I was making lentil soup. I just finished preparation, which took me about 1 hour, and added lentils in the vegetable soup. When I was putting the lentil's bag away, I saw a little black bug walking by. I felt something bad and checked the soup. I am sure that you can guess what I saw in the soup. It was not lentil soup anymore, it turned to bug soup. I lost all energy to stay in the kitchen and I decided to order pizza for dinner. I wasted an hour and some veggies. What the heck!

Breakfast : cereal with milk, a cup of coffee

Lunch : egg soup with rice, orange

Dinner : pizza from Babbo Giovanni

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