Nov. 7

8:45am Breakfast : a glass of orange juice, dandelion leaf soup, a cup of coffee
1:30pm Lunch : hamburger at Prime burger
7:00pm Dinner : grilled anchovy with veggies, cheese & cracker with spinach dip

I got an unfamiliar vegetable at the market. It looked like dandelion leaves. I forgot the name in Portugues. I was told that I can have it for salad. When I got home and washed it and tasted some... bitter. I didn't think I would enjoy it for salad. So I put it in soup.
Breakfast ; dandelion leaves soup...It sill tasted bitter.

This is the vegetable..... I felt like I became a rabbit or hamster.


I thought I should have cooked it more. I stirfried the vegetable with garlic....... still bitter. I threw it away. It is very rare for me to throw food away. I still have some of those vegetables. Do you know anyone who has rabbits or little herbivours animals which like dandelion leaves?

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