Nov. 2 - 5

I didn't publish my blog since November 1st. I had been busy and was too tired to sit in front of the computer. It was a national holiday on Tuesday, Nov. 2nd, but I had to go on a business trip. I usually post only a picture of the meal, but this time I share a non food picture, too.

Banana tree

Banana hill

Lunch on Nov. 2 ; manjuba sashimi

; food, food, food

; bento box

Toro nagashi in Registro
Toro nagashi is a Japanese cultural event. We make little wooden boat and put food with a name of the dead to hold a memorial. The funny thing is that I had not seen it in Japan. I never expected to see it in Brazil. It was beautiful. It is an event for a memorial, but it was very romantic.

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