Nov. 25

6:30am Breakfast : tomato sauce veggies and chicken with potato, a glass of soy milk, a cup of coffee
12:00pm Lunch : tomato sauce veggies and chicken with potato
4:30pm cake and some food
6:30pm Dinner : grilled beef, french fries, beer at bendito

I don't publish my blog often these days because I have been lazy and not cooked well. I was not going to publish today, but something nice happenned to me. One is that my favorite blogger made a recipe for me. Thank you very much, Izumi-san. I will talk about the recipe more when I make the food. Another nice thing is that a first lady of a consul general in Sao Paulo gave me an orchid in a pot. I visited the consulate general on business and told the consul and his wife that I will quit working this month and it could be a last chance to see them. Then Mrs. consul said "wait" and went into the building. After a few minutes, she was back with a pot in her arm. I was surprised. How wonderful she gave me a gift! The consul and his wife were so nice and friendly. I appriciate their kindness and this oppotunity to meet them.
This is the flower given by the first lady.

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