Omu-rice with cream sauce

Omu-rice is rice rolled inside of an omlet. We usually have fried rice with ketcup inside. As I had to cook the rice from scratch, I didn't make fried rice but put all ingredients in the pot, with the rice to cook.

Ingredients : serves 2
1 cup (160cc) rice - wash in water and drain
2 inch(5cm) carrot - mince
1/4 onion - mince
1 slice chicken - dice
1 chicken bouillone
180cc water
1 tbs oil
3 egg - stir well
a little salt and black pepper
2 cup milk
1 tsp flour

1. Stirfry rice, carrot, onion, chicken with oil until rice gets clear color in the pot
2. Add water and bouillon and cook until water boils
3. Put lid on the pot and cook on the small heat for 10 mins.(Don't open the lid).
4. Take the pot off the stove and sit to steam for another 10 mins(Don't open the lid).
5. Put milk, salt and pepper and flour in the pot and stir well with a whisk.
6. Heat #5 until getting creamy
7. Pour half of stirred egg in the hot pan and fry thin.
8. When the egg is cooked, put some rice on the middle of the egg and slide it on the plate
9. Pour #6 on #8

Inside looks like this! Yummy!

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