I came to this restaurant for my friend's birthday before. We needed to have a table for about 10 people inside that time, but also the restaurant has a pretty court yard at the back side. It has nice atmosphere and it seemed more popular than inside for a couple or small group. Food was good and the price was not bad. They didn't bring convert which was nice. If I had known it, I might have ordered bruschetta or something else. We ordered salad, pasta, meat, dessert, 2 glasses of white wine and a bottle of red wine. Total was about R$220.

Insalata Apriori (R$22?)

Cannelloni di Melanzane Ripieni di Ricotta e Mozzarella, Al Pomodoro (R$36?)

"Picanha" di Agnello al Timo, e Risotto de Formaggio Fontal (R$52) - I liked the beef and J was in love with the risotto.

Tiramisu - It is very rare for me to have dessert. It was good.

Av. Portugal 694

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