Feb. 21 - 23

Feb. 21
Breakfast : orange, one boiled egg, 2 cups of coffee

Lunch : soy beans meat sauce pasta

Dinner : pumpkin, grean beans, kale frakes, miso-soup, rice, (salmon for J)

Feb. 22
Breakfast : miso-soup, orange, 2 cups of cofee

Lunch at lanchonete with friends : beef stew, feijao, salad, rice
Dinner for J : sea bream, carrot, tomato sald, tofu soup, rice, kale frakes - my lunch was so big that I was not hungry.

Feb. 23
Breakfast : tofu soup, orange, 2 cups of coffee

Lunch at Korean resutaurant with friends : grilled meat, some begetables, soup
Dinner for J : grilled sea bream, daikon salad, scrambled tofu, miso-soup, rice, - I ate a lot for lunch and I was not hungry for dinner tonight too. I had a little bit salad.

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