May 13

I made hamburger for J, who is VERY hungry for American food. I asked J's mom for a hamburger recipe, because it's different from a Japanese one. My Japanese hamburger has mixed beef and pork meat with onion, egg and some other ingredients in the meat patty. This time I wanted to make American one. I bought a good bottle of wine for dinner. When I peeled the plastic over, I found the cork was moldy. I cleaned it very well and opened the bottle and checked it. The red wine was cloudy! Yikes! It cost more than wine we drink usually. "Shit happends", said J and he went to buy another bottle of wine. You are very kind! (or you were very thirsty for wine??)

Breakfast : yogurt, one boiled egg

Lunch : chiken hearts & veggies & tuna stir-fry

Dinner : hamburger - for me, no buns.

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