May 21

My friend threw a churrasco(BBQ) party at her place. I ate more than I should have and was not hungry for dinner. It was predictable.
I had her house tour and it became kind a wake-up call for me; I'd like to live in a house. Since I left my parents place, I have lived in an apartment. I was satisfied living in an apartment and grew some plants on veranda sometimes. But now I long for a house! It seems a long way to get the goal, but it won't be possible. What can I do now to reach my dream house? Work hard ......(first, I have to get a job)

Breakfast : yogurt with banana, papaya

Lunch : marinated sardine - yummy!
: potato salad, salad, grilled chicken & sausage

: glass noodls salad, pickled veggies, oven grilled mashed potato??

: grilled chicken, sausage


: my plate - I had some pieces of beef later. happy day!

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