Sep. 11

8:00am Breakfast : Dashimaki(Japanese omlet), okra & ume(pickled plum), miso-soup, rice
1:00pm Lunch : mustard pork, cabbage & tomato stirfry, rice
7:00pm Dinner : dim sum, a glass of champagne, a glass of white wine at Ping Pong



I was very hungry for Japanese style breakfast when I woke up. I guess that's because I had not cooked and eaten my cooking this week?
J and I went to dim sum restaurant, PING PONG for dinner. I went there before with a friend and I wanted J to try it, too. I found that we had restaurant week right now when we got to the restaurant. Restaurant week is a kind of promotion event for restaurants and they have a special menu for lunch and dinner with same price at all restaurants. Lunch is R$29 and dinner is R$39. More than 200 restaurants join this event this time and it holds twice in a year in Sao Paulo. It is good deal to try new restaurants.
! I just googled it. Do we have it in the U.S. too? I didn't need to explain. Ooops, I don't have it in Japan. I wish we had it in Japan too.

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