Sep. 26

7:30am Breakfast : vegetable soup, cracker
12:00pm Lunch : Yakisoba at a festival on business(of course!)
6:00pm Dinner : Dashimaki(japanese omlet), carrot & tuna salad, shiso & ume gohan(rice mixed with japanese harb? & pickled plum), miso-soup



I have had a sore throat since yesterday. Last night, it was so painful that I coudln't drink even water. I felt a little bit better this morning and had soup for breakfast. I kept a cough drop in my mouth in the morning. My lunch was Yakisoba. I had no choice because I was at work. I was exhausted when I got home but I still have some energy to make something I wanna eat. When I am sick, my body always wants japanese food. J also seemed that he got a cold. Is he hungry for a hamburger?

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