Sep. 20

5:10am Breakfast : 2 pieces sushi roll(leftovers), 3 cups of coffee(too much!)
1:00pm Lunch : Bento Box ; scrambled egg, soy beans & onion stew, rice
3:30pm hot chocolate
5:50pm Dinner : ume onigiri, pastel
9:30pm beer
Bento Box
Onigiri for dinner
I had an onigiri before leaving my office to work out as soon as I got home. YES, I AM ON A DIET. I met a president of a company on my way home and he bought me a pastel. I really did not want it, but I had no choice. This is typical action of a working person? Anyway, I went to a small training room in the apartment building and ran. And now, I am publishing my blog with a can of beer by my side.

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