Sep. 24

6:20am Breakfast : fried egg, orange. 2 cups of coffee
12:00pm Lunch : fried egg, kale stirfry, rice
1:00pm a cup of hot chocolate
7:30pm beer, a glass of red wine
8:30pm Dinner : cooked saint peter(white fish) & leek, isomushi tamanegi(cooked onion with sea weed), green onion Japanese omlet, one bite onigiri with kale stirfry
Bento Box
Dinner ;
Isomuushi tamanegi
one bite onigiri with kale stirfry

green onion Japanese omlet

cooked fish

J comes back from 5 days business trip. As I guessed that he must be sick of Brazilian food, I picked fish for a main dish and made some japanese food. He said he was going to be home around 6pm. I could leave my office earlier than usual but I was stuck in traffic and got home at 7pm. Fortunatelly, J was not home yet. I got a text from him and he was also stuck in traffic. It is 8:22pm now.
He came back at 8:30pm and he was exhausted. He enjoyed my cooking! Welcome back home J!

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