Oct. 21

6:15am Breakfast : tuna hakusai soup, tangerine, 2 cups of coffee
1:00pm Lunch : Pork Shabu Shabu and some other foods at Rangetsu
8:00pm Dinner : soy beans curry with rice


Lunch at Rangetsu

grilled pork wrapped by bacon

pork for shabu shabu

veggies for nabe


I made soup with leftovers, tuna hakusai for breakfast. It was really good. Tuna hakusai is just cooked with sugar and soy sauce(I will publish the recipe next time). It comes with lots of juice from the hakusai. I added some water and made it soup. I will have the leftover on purpose when I make tuna hakusai next time.
I had lunch at Japanese restaurant on business. That was a tasting party for an event. The menu had mostly pork and I had pork shabu shabu. Shabu Shabu is a Japanese food and bathe a very thin slice of meat in hot broth until being cooked, and dip it in the sauce. Shabu Shabu has usually beef, but this time I had pork. It was difficult to get a perfect time. I needed to cook pork, but if I bathed it too long, it tasted bad. As that was a special menu, I won't publish this restaurant.

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