Oct. 12

8:00am Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, banana pancakes, 2 cups of coffee
12:0015pm Lunch : ramen with vegetable stirfry, a cup of coffee
6:30pm Dinner : gyoza, fried chicken with sweet sour sauce, grilled pork tongue, chinese cabbage salad, beer
Breakfast (hmmm. I always burn the pancakes)

Lunch (Steam is rising from the ramen! )


J bought Japanese instant ramen at Asian town yesterday. Instant ramen is sold in the U.S. and Brazil, too. But it tastes different from Japanese ramen. I add some stirfried vegetable on the ramen and it was good.
About dinner..... yes, we had pork tongue. We eat cow's and pork tongue on the grill. Does it sound disgusting? I understand. J didn't seem happy to have it. But I know tongue stew is popular. Where is it from? Anyway, all I wanna say is, TONGUE IS TASTY!

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