Aug. 21

9:00am Breakfast : Pumpkin soup, Scrambled egg, Red cabbage salad, Pao de queijo, a glass of water, a cup of coffee
1:30pm Lunch : Grilled fish, Kale and tomato stirfry, Carrot rice, a cup of pumpkin soup
8:00pm Dinner : Roast beef sandwich, Caipiroska com maracuja at benditos
9:00pm-10:00pm a glass of white wine, a glass of red wine



This is very rare for me to make breakfast on the weekend. I usually wait for J to make breakfast. As soon as I see J go to the kitchen, I say "I want it, too!"
But today, I felt like I wanted to cook. (Be caferful, you might have a snow and storm tomorrow!)
I have not published my blog for while, but I had a lot vegetables as usuall.

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