Aug. 24

6:10am Breakfast : Fied egg and carrot on the rice, Atemoya, 2 cups of coffee
9:45am fresh orange juice, pao de queijo
12:00pm Lunch : Bento Box ; kale & tuna, carrot, rice
12:45pm ice cream!
8:15pm Dinner : Miso-soup, Kale & tuna
9:00pm Beer


Atemoya : inside & outside

Bento Box
It was the first time for me to eat atemoya. Is it called sugar apple in English? J has not had it before, either. It was good. It tastes like mixed pear and banana. Can't imagine? It is difficult to discribe. According to Wiki, the sugar apple grows in warm places, so it is harvested in Florida too. It would be nice if I can get it in the U.S.

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