Aug. 22

6:15am Breakfast : Roast beef sandwich(I got a doggie bag last night), a cup of coffee
1:00pm-2:30pm Lunch : Sashimi, Sushi, Ramen, water
3:30pm Beer at bar
6:30pm Dinner : Salmon Sashimi, Chirashi-zushi, Tomato, Salad(letuce, carrot, wakame with carrot dressing), a can of beer, a glass of wine
Foods at a party



It was Sunday, but I had to go to a party on business. There were tons of food. I had ate just a little bit of sashimi and sushi, because I had known that I HAD to eat ramen at a different business place. The ramen was good. According to a person who was in charge of ramen soup, he used 15kg chicken bones and 15kg pork bones to make broth. It can't be bad ramen!
I have to remind you that I live in BRAZIL. I think I am lucky to be surrounded with Japanese food!

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