Jan. 1 - 3 in Japan

Happy New Year!
It is great to spend time with family on new year's day. I ate and drank a lot for 3 days. Here's what I had this holiday!

Jan. 1
Breakfirst & Lunch : Osechi (traditional Japanese New Year's meal)
Dinner : cheese and wine ( I was too full)

Ozouni (soup)


Dinner ; Barbaresco!
; cheese & apple

Jan. 2
Breakfast : I don't remember...
Lunch & Dinner : Osechi, sushi at a party with relatives

Jan. 3
Breakfast : takikomi-gohan, grilled fish, miso-soup (regular menu)
Lunch : pizza, grilled chicken, salad at restaurant ( I didn't take the pictures)
Dinner : sushi

Dinner ; osechi

It should be over to have eat and drink party. I am stuffed!

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