Jan. 29 in Japan

I went to Ko-chan's kitchen for dinner with my cousin and her husband. The chef, Ko-chan who is my uncle, made us special meal. It was so good. I ate and drank more than I should have had. I will go on a diet ... when I come back to Brazil.

Breakfast : Nabe soup (leftovers)

Lunch : rice and sio-kobu ... It was too cheap to take a picture.

Dinner at Ko-chan's kitchen : tsukidashi (potato salad, an-kimo, squid)

: gyu-shabu salad ... the beef was too good for salad

: sashimi ; squid and beef ... how beautiful! The beef tasted like fatty tuna. melting in my mouth!
: special hamburger. It is not on the menu. cheese and cream sauce on the hamburger. yummy.

: pork and vegetable stirfries

: cream croquette ... this is my favorite
: techan (hormon)

: ramen ... it is not also on the menu. Thank you, uncle Ko-chan.

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