Jan. 20 in Japan

My mom's friend invited me for lunch. She made nabe (hot-pot dish cooked on the table). It was good and I ate a lot. As she had a treadmill at home, I walked on it after the party. I don't think it helped much...
Anyway, it was great to spend time with people and I appreciate her to have it for me. Thank you.

Breakfast : fruit & yogurt, egg soup ... yes, it's simple. Because I ate too much last night.

Lunch : the ingredients for hot pot ; oyster, chicken, conger, sawara fish, scallops
; crabs
; veggies
; ready to eat!

: taiyaki as dessert. It has sweet beans in it.

Dinner : udon, salad ... I was not gonna eat because of big lunch. But I got hungry. oink, oink.

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