Jan. 26 - 27 in Japan

I went to kobe for dinner with girls on 26th. It is always fun to spend time with them. We went to Horumon restaurant where I wanted to go and had some coctails at a bar after dinner. Girls talk rocks!
I felt sich next morning and I skipped breakfast and lunch. Is it hung over? I haven't had it before... ok, yes. I am not houng anymore.

Jan. 26
Breakfast : miso-soup, apple & yogurt

Lunch : kiriboshi-daikon, dashi(local food in Yamagata pref.) on rice

Dinner at Marukiya : namuru
: horumon sashimi
: chokori?
: horumon

: tonsoku(porks legs) ... I know it sounds creepy, but it has lots og collagen. Believe me.

Jan. 27
Breakfast & Lunch : none

Dinner : okara, hakusai, kimo, miso-soup, rice

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