Apr. 21

It is the first day of 4 days holiday. J and I went to Burle Marx park where takes us 15 minutes walk from our apartment. We go to this part to run or walk on weekend, and today we headed here to picnic. Passing the gate, the guard stopped me and pointed the picnic bag. "You can't picnic in the park" said the guard.
Nooooooooooooooooooo!!! I spent 1 hour to make lunch box and can't have it??? I was sad and dissapointed, but nothing I could do. We came back home and had lunch on the veranda.

Breakfast : yogurt with banana and plum

Lunch should have been had at the park : brocolli & tomato salad, chicken, zucchini & carrot stirfry, omlet, rice ball, greenbeans

Dinner : garllic squid, tomato & basil & mozzarella, carrot & cucumber sticks, cracker, 3 kinds of dip paste - I made finger foods to watch movies.

avocado with wasabi & soy sauce / boiled egg and green peas with mayo & curry/tuna & onion

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