Apr. 8 - 10 in Brasilia

J and I went to Brasilia, a capital city of Brazil, and joined a marathon. J ran for 21K and I ran for 7K. I was not going to run, first of all I DON'T like to run, but J's friend dragged me to apply. Eventually, I am satisfied with the race. Do I want to join the race again? I am not sure. Apr. 8 Breakfast : egg & wakame soup, cup of coffee Lunch : glass noodle salad

Snack? at Congonhas airport : sushi roll of tuna & salmon, a bottle of beer

Dinner at J's friend's place : some Arabic food - I was shy to take a photo at stranger's place

Apr. 9

Breakfast at friend's place : pita bread, brawn rice, a cup of tea

Lunch at Mangai : buffet style

- plate for J

-plate for me

Dinner at friend's place: some snack - we left the lunch restaurant at 5pm! We were not hungry at all.

Apr. 10

Breakfast at friend's place : some Arabic food(leftovers)

Lunch at Oca da Tribo : buffet style

- salad and rice

- meat, meat, meat! Yes, I ate a lot. While I was running, I kept telling me "run more and can eat more!".

Dinner : cheese, nuts, carrot, olive - We got home around 7pm. We ate a lot for lunch, so just a small snack for dinner.

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