Apr. 1 - Happy birthday, Mom -

Happy birthday Mom! I wish I were there to celebrate your birthday, but my heart is always by your side. I love you, mom. In Sao Paulo, the restaurant week has come! I went to Dui in Jardim Paulista. I had not heard about the restaurant, but it seemed pretty popular. The lunch time started at noon and it had a long line when I arrived there just before noon. Fortunately, my friends were already there and they were the first of the line. Lucky me. Breakfast : scrambled tofu and rice Lunch at Dui : cold soup, steak & rissoto, mango dessert

Dinner : dashimaki(japanese omlet), isomushi-tamanegi(onion), cucumber, scrambled tofu(yes, leftovers), moyashi miso-soup, takikomi-gohan(rice)

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