Apr. 2 - 3

I was lazy this weekend. I was going to eat out for restaurant week on Saturday, but I didn't feel to go out and cook. Then I ordred pizza. ..... It was too geasy and 2 pieces were enough for me. Apr. 2 Breakfast : takikomi gohan onigiri, egg miso-soup Lunch : carrot & beans rice, cabbage & tomato stirfry

Snacks : pear cake, jasmin green tea - I baked the cake without butter .... it tastes like a pan cake.

Dinner : pizza

Apr. 3

Breakfast : onion bagel, scrambled egg with tomato and onion - I like vegetables in the egg

Lunch : grilled chicken, crackers - J used the bones of the chicken to make chicken broth

Dinner : shio yakisoba, glass noodle salad, ginger soy sauce broccoli - oops, double noodle! Shio yakisoba was very popular a few years ago. I used ramen noodle instead of yakisoba. It worked.

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