Jun. 23

5:45am Breakfast : Teriyaki fish Don(fish on rice in the bowl), 2 cups of coffee
9:00am crackers
12:00pm Lunch : Bento Box ; Teriyaki fish, Wakame to Ninjin no Ume-ae(boiled seaweeds and carrot), Bean rice, orange
8:30pm Dinner : Bean rice, Fukushin-zuke(pickled vegetable)
8:45pm a cup of tea

Bento Box

I got Fukushin-zuke at work and it was really good with rice! I think I can eat a lot of rice with it. Fukushin-zuke is a kind of pickles and it is marinated with soy sauce, I guess.
I have tried to have less carbs. But now I am not sure if I can keep trying with the fukushin-zuke.

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