Jun. 10

5:45am Breakfast : curry and rice(you know it!), a glass of soy milk, a cup of coffee
9:00am popcorn, chocolate, a SMALL piece of banana cake
11:45am Lunch : shrimp, fried rice, soup, stir-fry, deep fried fish at Campeao
8:30pm Dinner : pizza, Sake no Nanbanzuke(salmon with marinated vegetables), beer
9:30pm a glass of white wine


Sake no Nanbanzuke

I had lunch with girls at Chinese restaurant. It was good and cheap. My friend goes to the restaurant often with her husband. She is Japanese and her husband is Chinese. It was good to have her today, because she know what is good there. And the menu was written in Chinese and Portuguese. She understands Chinese and other friend understands Portuguese. It was lucky to have them!

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