Jun. 8

5:55am Breakfast : a glass of orange juice(it was not sweet!), cereal with soy milk, a cup of coffee
9:00am popcorn
12:00pm Lunch : Bento Box;Chuka-Don(veggetable stir fry on rice)
8:15pm Dinner : Happo-sai(veggetable stir fry), Fried rice
9:00pm-10:00pm beer, a glass of red wine

Bento Box


My co-worker brought popcorn and it was good. She used margarin to make popcorn. Butter is the best for popcorn, but the margarin is good enough for me. Because we use olive oil when we make popcorn at home. I like to eat healthily, but greesy unhealthy food, which is like junk, tastes good. BTW, popcorn is pipoca in Portuguese. Doesn't it sound cute?

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