Jun. 28

5:40am Breakfast : Chicken sanwich, 2 cups of coffee
12:15pm Lunch : Bento Box ; Chiken Fried Rice, Gomoku Mame, Cooked sausage and beeef tail(someone brought)
7:45pm-9:00pm 3 can of beer(dinner?)

Bento Box

My lunch should have been healthy, but it was greasy and got a high calorie because of meat. As a proof, I was not hungry when I got home. So I decide to have beer for dinner. It is just an excuse. I decided not to drink at home, but I was too exhausted today and needed something(alcohole?) to make me relax.
Let me make sure something. I bought only 3 cans of beer. Because I didn't want to get drunk and didn't want to keep some for tomorrow or the other days. I hope tomorrow will be an easy day. And I want team Japan to win tomorrow!

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