Casa Campeao

I had lunch with friends. One of them married a Chinese guy and she goes to this restaurant with him often. As she said, most of the customers there are Chinese. This restaurant is located at Liberdade, it used to be called Japan town. However it is not Japanese anymore. There are lots of Chinese and many chinese restaurants. My friend picked some food and it was good and cheap. We had 5 people and shared, and it cost less than R$30 each, which is about US$15. Unfotunately, I don't know the name of each plate. I recommend you go there with bunch of people and enjoy several kinds of plates.
Boiled or steamed shrimp (There were more than 20 shirmp on the plate)
Fried rice
Spicy sour soup
Deep fried fish


Casa Campeao

Rua da Gloria 141, Liberdade

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