Apr. 21

7:30am Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, a glass of smoothie, Tomato soup, a cup of coffee
12:30pm Pao de queijo
2:30pm(That's a Brazilian time!) Lunch : Picanha, rice, feijao, french fri, beer at Vila Nova
8:00pm Dinner : Pizza from Freezer, 2 glasses of red wine
8:30pm-9:30pm vodka shot x 3 (It is just around 9pm!)


It was a national holiday, Tiradentes, in Brazil. Tiradentes is know as a Brazilian hero and it is an aniversary of his death.
J and I borrowed bicycles and rode around the city. We left home before noon and got home in the evening. As we had lunch late and I was tired, I picked our favorite food............... Pizza (from freezer). Less working at kitchen, less dishes to wash.

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