Apr. 28

5:40am Breakfast : a glass of soy milk, a glass of smoothie, Iridoufu(leftovers), a cup of coffee
12:00pm Lunch : Pizza Pastel and Chocolate Pastel(I am so happy that I had them!)
3:00pm Coke, chocolate
5:00pm-7:00pm 2 glasses of wine
7:00pm Dinner : Chiken and Avocado wasabi carpaccio, Salmon Yubiki, Yaki Nasu(grilled eggplant), Dashimaki(Japanese omlet), Ume Hosomaki(plum sushi roll), beer
vodka shot, beer x 2
As I had a half day off, I made big dinner. I bought salmon sashimi and I made it Yubiki. Yubiki is to bath a piece of sashimi in the boiled water for a moment and throw it into very cold water. Then it is done outside and still row inside. I know J likes salmon sashimi, but I wanted to try something new. He enjoyed it anyway.

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