Apr. 26

6:40am Breakfast : Onigiri, Tofu soup, a cup of coffee
9:30am a cup of coffee
12:30pm Lunch : Bento box(rice, celery furikake, grilled chiken)
4:00pm orange jello (It was good because I was tired. I needed somthing sweet.)
7:50pm Dinner : Onigiri, Iwashi Nanbanzuke(fried sardine marinated vinegar), Tofu soup, beer
8:45pm a glass of red wine
Anytime water 24 oz

Lunch : I know I am a bad photographer.

Dinner : I rememberred that I didn't take a picture of meal after finishing Onigiri.

You might have already guessed. Yes, Onigiri and Tofu soup was leftover from dinner. Do you call it leftover? I made dinner in the morning and I had some.

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