Vila Nova

Vila Nova is what it is called, "Paes e Doces (bread and sweets)". But it is also a lanchonete. A lanchonete is just like a dinner in the U.S. Most of the customers are local people and they sometimes enjoy chatting with neighbors passing by. The difference between a lanchonete and a diner is that a lanchonete serves alcohol. I am not sure if there are any places that don't have alcohol in Brazil. You can understand that a lanchonete means a diner which has alcohol.
Vila Nova was not special for me. You would find a similar lanchonete everywhere. This is just for a note to remind me. If I lived close to Vila Nova, I would go to have lunch every weekend though.
Picanha com arroz e batata fritas
Paes e Doces Vila Nova
R. Joao Lourenco 622

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