Apr. 25

8:00am Breakfast : Tori nikujaga(leftovers) and egg, 2 cups of coffee
12:00pm Coke, a few pieces fried chicken (It was too small to call it, lunch. That means that I skipped lunch)
4:30pm a little piece of Okonomiyaki ( I was hungry, of course)
5:00pm beer
6:30pm Dinner : Ika Daikon(cooked squid and radish), Okonomiyaki, Fried chiken and beef, Frikake(ume and celery), rice, a glass of red wine
8:30pm a glass of soy milk


Okonomiyaki and Fried chiken & beef for dinner was from a festival I went today. Ika to Daikon no Nimono! I did really good job. I will publish the recipe soon.

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