Separate fried rice

I named this, "Separate" fried rice. But it looks regular fried rice eventually. I season rice and other ingredients in separate. Here's the recipe.

Ingredient : serve 2

160cc rice
1 cup (200cc) water
1 cube chicken bouillon - smash
1/4 middle onion - chop
1/3 middle onion - chop
8-10 celery leaf - chop
1 clove garlic - chop
2 red hot chillipepper - chop
5 almond - crash
1 chicken brest - dice
a little garlic salt
a little pepper
a little olive oil

Preparations :

1. Wash rice and drain well
2. Put chicken bouillon, water and #1 in the pot on high heat until boiling
3. Turn to very low heat and put the lid on. A heavy lid is preferred. Cook 10 min. Never open the lid during cooking.
4. Turn off the heat and wait for another 10 minutes. Never open the lid during wating.
5. Put olive oile, garlic and red hot chillipepper in a pan and heat
6. When it smells good, add other ingredients and stir-fry
7. When chicken and vegetables are cooked, turn off the heat and mix rice in the pan.

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